jueves, 1 de septiembre de 2011

Antonio Revaliente en VentureBeat

Curioso e irónico artículo sobre mi persona en una de las editoriales web más importantes del mundo: VentureBeat.

En este artículo se habla sobre los logros de Antonio Revaliente y su equipo con iFacturas. Aquí os dejo un extracto:

Meet Antonio Revaliente, VentureBeat’s first King of Code finalist. Leading the team that builds successful mobile invoicing application iFacturas for Windows Phone 7 and the iPhone, Revaliente has proved himself to be a young titan in the global financial app scene.
iFacturas offers mobile billing in Norway and Spain and is quickly becoming an essential app for independent professionals and small business owners looking to invoice clients on the go — which these fast-paced individuals almost always are. With iFacturas, they are able to bill people sooner so they can get paid faster.
Today, Revaliente’s team offers a free version of iFacturas, and a full-featured version that costs $10 a month after free download. This user-friendly model earned it the No. 21 spot on Innovate!100’s list of most promising high-tech startups in the world. And the app’s footprint is certain to grow when it launches in Spain and the United States in the fall.
“The main reason for our success is that we have been able to create a portable invoicing system with a very intuitive user interface,” said Revaliente. “Any professional can easily and rapidly create and send bills using his or her smartphone.”
Not content to provide core invoicing functionality alone, Revaliente led his team to bake in a range of unique features that rely on mobile devices. For example, GPS is used to automatically select clients to bill based on location. When visiting a client for the first time, users can simply hit “get address” to skip entering that client’s location manually. Phone cameras also come in handy, allowing the app to add pictures of service offerings or products to invoices for extra detail.
“Every time one of our users creates an invoice, the iFacturas system creates all of the accounting behind it automatically,” Revaliente said. “That makes us different from other financial apps on the market.”
Podéis leer el artículo completo aquí.


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