martes, 5 de octubre de 2010

Does anyone “love” Microsoft?

This might sound like a strange question, I know. But I’ve been thinking a whole lot about that today. I’ve heard people saying out loud they “love” their Mac or Apple in general.

Let me tell you something, only one year ago, I was soooo out of the world where I am now. I mean, I didn’t know anything about apps. I didn’t know anything at all about iPhone…I was so ignorantly happy with my old-fashioned Nokia…

When I started working for iFacturas and got my brand-new iPhone, my entire viewpoint about Apple, mobiles, apps…changed. It was like “I don’t need to be in front of a PC anymore in my life”. I can say it was a relief to me. It was like real freedom: I didn’t need to go to the office urgently to check my mail. I could also download useful apps (some of them for free) that were helping me out better do my job.

Prior to that, I had never used an Apple product. I had never had a Mac of any kind. It was scary to me. Not only for the price (which had something to do, of course) but also, I was feeling like I wouldn’t be able to handle an Apple product. No need to say that when I got my iPhone, a strong link was created between the bitten apple brand and I. It wasn’t “love” like that, but admiration could perfectly define that feeling.

And this brings me to the title of this post: I have never ever heard about someone saying “I “love” Microsoft” or “I “love” Windows”. I guess I know why. When you want to buy a PC or a laptop and you don’t go for Apple is not because you want to go Microsoft. It’s just because you know you don’t want Apple. And that makes a great difference in terms of brand “affection”. You don’t choose Microsoft, but you decline Apple. Microsoft, with its Windows product, is something you just find installed when you buy a PC or laptop. You don’t choose it, it’s already there for you. Needless to say that this is a great sales strategy for the Redmond company, but in terms of building brand proximity with customers...I don’t think they’ve been good. One does not “love” something that has not been chosen by him or her. There are not people saying “I’m a Microsoft guy” or “Windows guy”...unless, of course, Microsoft’s employees...

I had the chance to visit Microsoft offices in New York City and Madrid and I can tell you there are great people working there. Great looking offices and I have also known that Microsoft is way more than Windows. Microsoft has a extraordinary software offer for developers in almost all fields possible.

Today’s reflexion leads me to a conclusion: I think WindowsPhone7 is really going to succeed in the market. I know, and many techies know. That Windows Mobile hasn’t been a big deal in the market. The good point, though, is that many users didn’t even know they were using Windows Mobile. If they were to complain, they rather go like “this Samsung YYY really sucks” (I say Samsung as an example only. I could have said LG, HTC, or any other brand) The thing is that regular people (people who buy the handsets actually) are more likely to blame the device itself, not the operating system (in the mobile field, I mean. With PCs the story is totally different: you may have a horrible cloned computer with low memory, but if something fails, Microsoft would be responsible for that, don’t you agree?)

With WP7, Microsoft has entirely changed the concept. Manufactures have to follow a series of requirements given by Microsoft as far as the size of the device’s screen, number of buttons, and so on. This implies great news for developers and is a good start on the “app lifestyle”. Microsoft is proud of it’s WP7 product and the launch is going to be a big deal. Now, end users might have an opportunity to say “I pick Microsoft” or even go to the extreme and declare “I love Microsoft WP7”...Who knows?


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