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How to survive with current iFacturas registration process...

Hi again!
As I've told you in different posts, our CTO is enjoying his honeymoon and we will not be able to adapt the new registration process until he's back (he went to Mexico City, we really hope he can make it back eventually!!)
In this blog I'm going to try to explain to you how to survive while registering to iFacturas' current log in process. It's not as bad as I say normally. It's just that the new one is soooo good, that everything else seems complicated to me.
Once you download iFacturas for free and very rapidly from the appStore, you click on the iFacturas icon on your iPhone and you'll see a screen like this one:

As you see, you just have to enter your name, your user name and
your email. No big deal.
When clicking "next", you'll find the PIN code screen.

Enter 4 digits you can easily remember. The system will ask for this PIN code everytime you want to run iFacturas as a security procedure. In the next verion, the PIN code will be optional and not required as it is now.
In the third screen, you'll be able to add your company's logo, your company's ID and your name or your company's name.

Please, notice that you can choose the VAT mode.
It's time to ask you for some parameters we need in order to be shown on your invoices to your final customers. The first issue is to know which is the credit days you allow your customers with. Want to get paid in 30 days, 20, 15...tomorrow? Just let it be written on your sent invoices.
Then you must enter your bank account info. Where do you want your clients pay you?
There's an optional field for you to make any observation to your sent invoices.

The next screen is just for those contractors or freelances who use time and billing. If you have a fee per hour, just enter it here, so that when you bill per time, we can calculate the totals according to your fee.

Last screen, your address. You know it's mandatory that this info is shown on your invoices. That is why you must enter all this data. Your address, ZIP code, hometown...

Once you click on the "next" button, you'll be taken to the first empty purchase order ("proforma faktura") and you will not need to fill anything else.

Welcome to iFacturas. Nice to have you here with us.


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