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viernes, 8 de octubre de 2010

10 imágenes para la aplicación que cambiará la vida de los autónomos

En este breve post, sólo pretendo mostrar unos pantallazos de iFacturas funcionando en un iPhone.
¿Sabéis qué me gustaría? Pues que me contestarais con vuestra opinión más sincera.

- ¿Os gusta?
- ¿Os parece útil para autónomos, freelances y pequeñas empresas?
- ¿Tenéis alguna duda sobre cómo funciona?
- ¿Alguna sugerencia que nos haga mejorar?

Gracias a todos por vuestra colaboración.
Un saludo,

Change the World!

The title of this post has nothing to do with Michael Jackson's hit...Remember? "...change the world, make it a better place. For you and for me and the entire human race..."

However, today I want to share something with you. I had the opportunity to meet Guy Kawasaki in Paris last May. He made a stunning pitch and he kept asking again and again "How are you going to change the world?". That made me think a lot about how iFacturas could change something and I got to the point that we can, for sure, change the world for contractors, freelances and small businesses. iFacturas can make them use an invoicing and accounting tool in a very easy way that can help them compete against bigger companies. We are going to approach the accounting and invoicing world to the small ones. It's going to be affordable and it's going to allow them do it by themselves and on the go.

Is iFacturas going to be disruptive? I guess so and I really hope so. Contractors, freelances and small businesses might no longer find a tool that has been entirely conceived for them.

From my viewpoint, millions of indepentent contractors are going to invoice the iFacturas-way. See how here.

miércoles, 6 de octubre de 2010

all for 1 and 1 for all...

As many of you already know, iFacturas is a free-to-download app. You can also use for it free when it comes to create purchase orders (proforma fakturas) and converting them to actual invoices.

After that, whenever you want to send your invoice to your final customer, our system lets you know that it will cost you 1 euro. But, I would like to explain that we do not charge one euro just per sending the invoice. There's a lot more we do for you for just 1 euro. For instance, your accounting is being automatically done with iFacturas everytime you send and invoice, evertime your final customer pays that invoice...And, with that single euro you are paying you are having your invoice hosted/storaged and always available for you any time you might need to check it again. To summarize: paying only one euro, you will be able to invoice with your smatphone anywhere and anytime, your accounting movements will be automatically registered, your invoice storaged and always available for you on your smartphone and, if you feel like, your external accounting advisor will be able to check what's happening with your invoices and accounting real time from his PC's browser simple entering a username and a password.
It's somehow, like having an internal accounting responsible inside your smartphone. You just have to comfortable create the bill and the rest is up to us for one euro.
I honestly believe that the advantages of using iFacturas are worth more than a euro per transaction since it provides total control over the user's financials: knowledge, time saving, possibiliy to get paid sooner since the bill is sent faster, availability anytime and anywhere...
What do you think about this? If you have any comments regarding this pricing model, please, let us know.
Best regards,

How to survive with current iFacturas registration process...

Hi again!
As I've told you in different posts, our CTO is enjoying his honeymoon and we will not be able to adapt the new registration process until he's back (he went to Mexico City, we really hope he can make it back eventually!!)
In this blog I'm going to try to explain to you how to survive while registering to iFacturas' current log in process. It's not as bad as I say normally. It's just that the new one is soooo good, that everything else seems complicated to me.
Once you download iFacturas for free and very rapidly from the appStore, you click on the iFacturas icon on your iPhone and you'll see a screen like this one:

As you see, you just have to enter your name, your user name and
your email. No big deal.
When clicking "next", you'll find the PIN code screen.

Enter 4 digits you can easily remember. The system will ask for this PIN code everytime you want to run iFacturas as a security procedure. In the next verion, the PIN code will be optional and not required as it is now.
In the third screen, you'll be able to add your company's logo, your company's ID and your name or your company's name.

Please, notice that you can choose the VAT mode.
It's time to ask you for some parameters we need in order to be shown on your invoices to your final customers. The first issue is to know which is the credit days you allow your customers with. Want to get paid in 30 days, 20, 15...tomorrow? Just let it be written on your sent invoices.
Then you must enter your bank account info. Where do you want your clients pay you?
There's an optional field for you to make any observation to your sent invoices.

The next screen is just for those contractors or freelances who use time and billing. If you have a fee per hour, just enter it here, so that when you bill per time, we can calculate the totals according to your fee.

Last screen, your address. You know it's mandatory that this info is shown on your invoices. That is why you must enter all this data. Your address, ZIP code, hometown...

Once you click on the "next" button, you'll be taken to the first empty purchase order ("proforma faktura") and you will not need to fill anything else.

Welcome to iFacturas. Nice to have you here with us.

5 Reasons to invoice by yourself with iFacturas

1) If you are used to take care of your business financials by yourself, you will probably do it from your PC at home or in your office after having worked the whole day. Maybe, you don't even do it on a daily basis and, you know, sometimes you miss billable hours or items. How much is your spare time worth? How would your life change if you start using iFacturas and do the invoices on the go and at the point of service? Job done or product sold and the bill already created and sent...

2) If you are not the one taking care of your financials, you may have someone hired for that purpose, right? You can save lots of monthly euros if you start using iFacturas: your invoices, done by yourself, will create the accounting automatically. Just think about it.

3) There is another logical reason coming out here: if you bill fast, you are more likely to get paid sooner. The invoice can be created and sent in less than 1 minute after you are done with your customer. If you avoid delays with your invoicing process, you will problably reduce delays in payments coming from your final clients.

4) You don't have to understand computers. You don't have to be permanently sat down in front of your PC. You just have to keep your iPhone with you and you'll have the opportunity to be aware of your business' financials anywhere and anytime. iFacturas provides you with total control over your accounting and invoicing.

5) Now you are an iFacturas user and you bill by yourself. You used to have an external accounting advisor and iFacturas is a great tool for your advisor as well. He/She will be able to check your accounting and invoicing from his/her PC's browser whenever you grant access to him/her.
Summarizing all this, the point is that with iFacturas you can:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Avoid delays in payments
  • Benefit of mobility and availability
  • Be synchronized with your external accounting advisor

iFacturas looks even better on #WP7

As many of you already know, our iFacturas app is already available in Norway for the iPhone. Our next market is Spain, with over 3.000.000 independent contractors.
I'm glad to inform you that our strategy in Spain is to enter de market with the still-to-be-launched WindowsPhone7 and...even though I cannot say much about it, let me just tell you that iFacturas looks awesome on WP7.
I must recognize that Microsoft has done an excellent job with their WP7 platform. They threw away everything they had developed for mobile and they simply started from scratch. The result: a state-of-the-art phone that makes me doubt whether or not to continue being and iPhone-freak user.
What I'm sure about is that our iFacturas app looks really great on WP7. You'll soon see...

martes, 5 de octubre de 2010

Does anyone “love” Microsoft?

This might sound like a strange question, I know. But I’ve been thinking a whole lot about that today. I’ve heard people saying out loud they “love” their Mac or Apple in general.

Let me tell you something, only one year ago, I was soooo out of the world where I am now. I mean, I didn’t know anything about apps. I didn’t know anything at all about iPhone…I was so ignorantly happy with my old-fashioned Nokia…

When I started working for iFacturas and got my brand-new iPhone, my entire viewpoint about Apple, mobiles, apps…changed. It was like “I don’t need to be in front of a PC anymore in my life”. I can say it was a relief to me. It was like real freedom: I didn’t need to go to the office urgently to check my mail. I could also download useful apps (some of them for free) that were helping me out better do my job.

Prior to that, I had never used an Apple product. I had never had a Mac of any kind. It was scary to me. Not only for the price (which had something to do, of course) but also, I was feeling like I wouldn’t be able to handle an Apple product. No need to say that when I got my iPhone, a strong link was created between the bitten apple brand and I. It wasn’t “love” like that, but admiration could perfectly define that feeling.

And this brings me to the title of this post: I have never ever heard about someone saying “I “love” Microsoft” or “I “love” Windows”. I guess I know why. When you want to buy a PC or a laptop and you don’t go for Apple is not because you want to go Microsoft. It’s just because you know you don’t want Apple. And that makes a great difference in terms of brand “affection”. You don’t choose Microsoft, but you decline Apple. Microsoft, with its Windows product, is something you just find installed when you buy a PC or laptop. You don’t choose it, it’s already there for you. Needless to say that this is a great sales strategy for the Redmond company, but in terms of building brand proximity with customers...I don’t think they’ve been good. One does not “love” something that has not been chosen by him or her. There are not people saying “I’m a Microsoft guy” or “Windows guy”...unless, of course, Microsoft’s employees...

I had the chance to visit Microsoft offices in New York City and Madrid and I can tell you there are great people working there. Great looking offices and I have also known that Microsoft is way more than Windows. Microsoft has a extraordinary software offer for developers in almost all fields possible.

Today’s reflexion leads me to a conclusion: I think WindowsPhone7 is really going to succeed in the market. I know, and many techies know. That Windows Mobile hasn’t been a big deal in the market. The good point, though, is that many users didn’t even know they were using Windows Mobile. If they were to complain, they rather go like “this Samsung YYY really sucks” (I say Samsung as an example only. I could have said LG, HTC, or any other brand) The thing is that regular people (people who buy the handsets actually) are more likely to blame the device itself, not the operating system (in the mobile field, I mean. With PCs the story is totally different: you may have a horrible cloned computer with low memory, but if something fails, Microsoft would be responsible for that, don’t you agree?)

With WP7, Microsoft has entirely changed the concept. Manufactures have to follow a series of requirements given by Microsoft as far as the size of the device’s screen, number of buttons, and so on. This implies great news for developers and is a good start on the “app lifestyle”. Microsoft is proud of it’s WP7 product and the launch is going to be a big deal. Now, end users might have an opportunity to say “I pick Microsoft” or even go to the extreme and declare “I love Microsoft WP7”...Who knows?

viernes, 1 de octubre de 2010

Destino Final

Ni si quiera sé cómo explicar lo que me ha sucedido hoy en aeropuerto al tratar de coger mi vuelo de Ryanair Alicante-Madrid. Ha sido tan absurdo como increíble.

Antes de ayer, miércoles, recibí una llamada de la Asociación de Trabajadores Autónomos en la que me avisaban de una reunión hoy viernes en Madrid con el propio ATA, Microsoft WP7 y Movistar. De inmediato contraté el vuelo para hoy viernes a través de la web de Ryanair. Dado que la reunión estaba fijada para las 10:00 am, seleccioné el primer vuelo, 06:35 am.

Ayer jueves, en la oficina llevé a cabo la facturación online e imprimí las tarjetas de embarque. Mi primer error: no revisé lo que salió por la impresora...

Hoy viernes, día del vuelo y día de una reunión importante en la que yo, personalmente, quería estar presente, llego al aeropuerto de Alicante a las 05:50 am. Tiempo más que suficiente, dado que el avión salía a las 06:35 am, que yo no llevaba maletas y que ya tenía mis tarjetas de embarque impresas...

Control: como todos sabéis, antes de acceder a la zona de puertas de embarque, es necesario pasar por un área de control donde revisan la tarjeta de embarque, nos pasan por el escaner...Pues bien, muestro mis tarjetas de embarque y accedo sin problemas.

Llegada a la "Gate Number Eight": Sufro toda la larga cola para acceder al avión. Yo estaba muy tranquilo, puesto que no llevaba equipaje de mano y no me debía preocupar por si cabía o no cabía entre esos hierros que emplea la compañía para determinar si puede o no subir al avión como equipaje de mano o si debe, por el contrario, ser facturado y pagar por ello. Llega mi turno, muestro mi DNI y mis "tarjetas de embarque", sólo 25 metros me separan del avión. La azafata me mira y me dice que no puedo subir porque no tengo la tarjeta de embarque de la ida. Me indica que las dos tarjetas son las de la vuelta. No doy crédito a lo que oigo. Miro mis tarjetas y tampoco creo lo que veo. "¿Me la puedes imprimir tú aquí aunque yo te la tenga que pagar?" Gira su cabeza a izquierda y derecha repetidas veces y pone algo de cara de lástima cuando le digo que tengo que ir a Madrid, que necesito estar allí a las 10:00 am porque tengo una reunión. Un suave "Lo siento, señor, no puede subir sin la tarjeta de embarque" es todo lo que recibo. No me da tiempo a bajar para que me lo impriman en el mostrador de Ryanair. Está lejos y luego debería volver a pasar por la cola del control. Estoy casi abatido, pero me giro y veo una sala VIP. Decido entrar, le explico a la chica lo que ha pasado. Le digo que si ella puede imprimirme la tarjeta de embarque y me dice que sí, que se la envíe por e-mail y me la imprime. Me da una clave wi-fi para conectarme y acceder a mi mail, pero ésta no funciona, ni a la primera, ni a la segunda...Pasan los minutos, cierran la puerta de embarque y consigo acceder a la wi-fi. Obviamente ya no imprimo nada y me voy a intentar buscar otra solución. Vuelo de Iberia a Madrid empieza a embarcar. Voy bajo para ver si podía sacar un billete, pero esta lleno. Me acerco a la ventanilla de Spanair y me dicen que sale uno a las 08:55 am, con llegada a Barajas a las 09:55 am. Mi reunión con Movistar, ATA y Microsoft estaba fijada para las 10:00 am en el centro de Madrid. No llegaría a tiempo. Aborto misión y vuelvo a la oficina con mi jefe, a quien le he contado esto mismo que estoy escribiendo. Estoy enfadado con Ryanair, pero me doy cuenta de que el error ha sido mío por no haber comprobado las hojas que imprimió la impresora.

A estas horas, ya sé que la reunión ha ido genial. He estado en ella de forma "virtual" y los intereses de iFacturas no se han visto comprometidos. Se me pasa el enfado y "blogueo". Un saludo a todos (miembros de Ryanair incluidos)