lunes, 17 de octubre de 2011

No more I-should-"haves"

There's one thing I've learnt since I finished college and started doing business: saying "I should have" is wrong. It's like living in the past. Thinking about what you should have done, rather than thinking about what to do next shows your weakness.

One cannot be hooked on prior mistakes. It's pretty obvious that when we look back, we all get the feeling that we could have done it better.

In my case, I refused a very important job when I got my Business Administration degree in the US and came back to Spain. It was the company I had always wanted to work for and when the were hiring me, I said "no" and accepted a job for a norwegian dotcom company (yes, that was in early 2000)

I spent quite a few months trying to figure out if I made the right choice. And now I know that was a stupid question. I know how my life is now (11 years after), but I'll never get to know how my life would have been if I had accepted that job.

A couple of years later, I created my own marketing consulting firm and the first week I was settled there in my brand-new office, a thief entered through the window and took away my super cool laptop!! Damn it!! I hadn't hired any insurance for my office yet, so...I just lost my $3000 toshiba laptop and I had to pay for another one.

The point is that I spent so many months thinking and regretting for not having hired the insurance prior to opening, that I couldn't move forward. I was sort of stuck in the past thinking about stuff I couldn't change.

I've made a couple of new mistakes recently, but I don't think "I should have" anymore.


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