miércoles, 6 de octubre de 2010

5 Reasons to invoice by yourself with iFacturas

1) If you are used to take care of your business financials by yourself, you will probably do it from your PC at home or in your office after having worked the whole day. Maybe, you don't even do it on a daily basis and, you know, sometimes you miss billable hours or items. How much is your spare time worth? How would your life change if you start using iFacturas and do the invoices on the go and at the point of service? Job done or product sold and the bill already created and sent...

2) If you are not the one taking care of your financials, you may have someone hired for that purpose, right? You can save lots of monthly euros if you start using iFacturas: your invoices, done by yourself, will create the accounting automatically. Just think about it.

3) There is another logical reason coming out here: if you bill fast, you are more likely to get paid sooner. The invoice can be created and sent in less than 1 minute after you are done with your customer. If you avoid delays with your invoicing process, you will problably reduce delays in payments coming from your final clients.

4) You don't have to understand computers. You don't have to be permanently sat down in front of your PC. You just have to keep your iPhone with you and you'll have the opportunity to be aware of your business' financials anywhere and anytime. iFacturas provides you with total control over your accounting and invoicing.

5) Now you are an iFacturas user and you bill by yourself. You used to have an external accounting advisor and iFacturas is a great tool for your advisor as well. He/She will be able to check your accounting and invoicing from his/her PC's browser whenever you grant access to him/her.
Summarizing all this, the point is that with iFacturas you can:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Avoid delays in payments
  • Benefit of mobility and availability
  • Be synchronized with your external accounting advisor


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