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Enterprise 2.0 or how iFacturas is doing things right!

Just read this post talking about the Enterprise 2.0 being a great niche for investors. It's still subfunded and it can provide big revenues per buck invested.

Here's a part of the orinal story posted by GigaOm:

Consumer Internet startups are all the rage these days. But while the opportunity is vast, so is the competition. Most consumer sectors are already overfunded, and the game tends to be “winner-take-most-or-all.”
What if there were a different market for talented consumer Internet entrepreneurs to pursue? Say, a segment with less competition, the potential for multiple winners and customers who are willing to pay up front on six figure contracts. 
There is: The Enterprise 2.0 market. And the good news is that not only is it underfunded, but it had been somewhat neglected until the recent success of companies like Jigsaw.com, an El Dorado Ventures portfolio company that was acquired last year by Salesforce.com.
The ubiquity of cloud computing and always-on connectivity that is driving the growth of the consumer Internet is having the same effect on the enterprise – only without the hype.
Furthermore, with the so-called “Consumerization of the Enterprise,” Internet entrepreneurs with consumer-centric backgrounds have exactly the right experience to thrive in the Enterprise 2.0 space.
With multiple Enterprise 2.0 companies already in our portfolio, we have a lot of firsthand experience with what works in this space. We’ve come up with five common components of a successful Enterprise 2.0 startup, which may sound suspiciously like they were stolen from a consumer Internet business plan. 
Read the full story here.


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