jueves, 10 de febrero de 2011

Does the world need Twitter to be acquired by Google?

I've just read a blog post in blog.tweetsmarter.com ensuring that both Twitter and Google need each other.

After reading the explanations, I just don't buy it. Does Google need Twitter? Sure! They are no one in this social media battle. Does Twitter need Google? Nope! Twitter is well funded and they just need to start generating revenue. They are working on it. They are implementing lots of ideas in order to make Twitter profitable and both companies and advertising agencies are now realising the actual power of Twitter and they are willing to be there.

Talking about advertisers, ads come to my mind. And when I think of ads, I think of Google. Somehow, to me Google means "annoying ads". If Google acquieres Twitter, tweeting won't be so comfortable so use, of that I'm sure. Twitter users will have to skip ads every now and then.

Here I copy a short text from the blogpost saying why Twitter needs Google? Twitter’s service is broken, unreliable and they often seem to be their own worst enemy in making things work. They have even stated that some planned fixes would be put off “indefinitely.” Google makes infrastructure work well…amazingly well. It’s in their DNA. They could fix Twitter. And Twitter desperately needs fixing.

Do you agree? Read the full original post here.


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